Threes! / by Natashia Tjandra

Threes! is infinitely better than Candy Crush and Flappy Bird. Original game design. No in app purchases. Brilliantly simple but endlessly playable. Smile factors such as cute animations and sound effects definitely keep me coming back for more. 

Gameplay consists of sliding numbered blocks onto one another to form higher numbers, but some important rules turn an easy concept into a challenging puzzle. Only like numbers can combine together, for instance, 3 and 3, to form a 6, which can then only combine with another 6. 1 and 2 are limited to combining with each other.

Tis a simple game, but difficult to master.

Here’re some suggestions for improvement:

  1. Retry button. I don’t get why the retry button is way up on the left. It isn’t user friendly, the game is designed for a single gesture : swipe. I play the game with just one hand (which I’m sure many of us do). The stretch for my thumb to tap that button is quite annoying, it’s in the OW zone (as written by Scott Hurff). Move it to the top right please, and replace that twitter button. I think the tweet/share button could be integrated with typing the player’s name after the score. Having said that, I’ll probably forgive the game designers because of the much enjoyment I derived from playing the game. 
  2. Give me my score now. Please? Why do I need to swipe to see my score and swipe again to type my name in the scoreboard? I think a smoother transition without having to swipe would be nice.
  3. Previous games. The other thing I don’t really get is why would I want to see my previous games, they display only the last move on these boards. If I can tap on it and be shown what and where I did wrong, I wouldn’t mind. All I want to do is to continue playing the game (start with a new board) and beat the game!

2014-02-18 13.06.07.png