Tidy App / by Natashia Tjandra

Tidy organizes your photos with just a simple swipe. It's that simple. 

With smartphones becoming ubiquitous, the way we store memories and references change. We end up taking photos of everything, from things we find funny and want to share, to stuff we want to remember, to beautiful moments. We accumulate tens of photos everyday, all stored in one big mess in our Camera Roll. 

Tidy aims to help you reorganize your photos in one swipe. When you launch the app, the photos will be categorized as "untidy". You can organize the mess in a few different ways, by time (1 hour, 6 hours or day, week, month or year), by location (500m, 1km, 10km, 100km or 1000km), and by shape. This feature is the most unique compared to other photo apps, it will go through your photos an categorize them by squares, portraits, landscapes, panoramas and even screenshots. Needless to say, I start categorizing my photos by shape, I take tons of screenshots.