Monument Valley's enchanting experience is over too soon. / by Natashia Tjandra

Gif by Luke Plunkett

Gif by Luke Plunkett

This MC Escher inspired perceptual puzzle game is over too soon. There are only 10 levels. The visual design is really beautiful and the experience enchanting, you can’t help but want more. There isn’t many words in Monument Valley and that’s because you don’t need it. We follow Princess Ida's journey, through mind-bending gameplay and melancholy music. Her journey is certainly felt, not read.

Jaz Rignall of writes:

It packs brilliant moments of discovery: smack-your-forehead situations where you're completely flummoxed, but then are utterly delighted when you figure out what you need to do. It has moments of wonder as something comes into view, or something unexpected happens, or when pieces of architecture literally click into place. And it all plays through an audio-visual experience that is of the utmost quality. 


Guide the silent princess Ida through ancient abandoned cities, their twisted walkways turning at my touch to produce impossible paths. My job was to facilitate her journey, tapping the screen to manipulate either select bits of scenery or rotate entire stages. Broken roads, turned to the correct angle, became whole. (Source: Mike Fahey).

I will be re-playing Monument Valley from stage 1 as soon I hit the post button.