Applying Google’s Material Design language to a concept NBA app by @makeshowlearn / by Natashia Tjandra

The idea

I’ll be designing an app for checking out NBA results. Not mind-blowing, but it’ll be good to start with a baseline of existing solutions. I’ll be able to focus on applying the Material principles with some decisions already made.

There’s still some room to work out a few of my own ideas. I think it’d be great to go a level deeper into single plays to see discussions around them. I think it’d help show which plays were most interesting and get a feel for the game.


Google’s Material Design language is comprehensive. I created a mobile example, but the guidelines cover tablet and desktop cases for all the components. And I only used a fraction of the available components.

Going through this exercise helped me get a better understanding of when to use and when not to use different components. I also saw firsthand that following the keylines leads to sensible layouts.

This is a start and I’m looking forward to exploring Material Design further. In particular, it’d be good to take these screens a step further and create a prototype. Motion is such a crucial element in Material Design so that’d be great to explore.

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