/ by Natashia Tjandra

Boring product is rock. No have meaning. Interact with personality different. Have meaning.

AVC. #grimlockquotes. 


Considering that there are 775,000 apps available in App Store as per Jan 2013*, it’s very important to have a product (app) that speaks to your consumers and that can hold their attention. One way is to have personality that resonates, the other is to have a personality that entertains and engages. 

As we get more and more spoilt for choice, in my opinion, the ones that will stick and stand out are the ones that either irritate (which you’ll delete in a second) or blow your mind (entertain) that you’ll be unwilling to part with and be more tolerant to its design problems. This reminds me of another reading for my usability class – the Universal Principles of Design by Lidwell, Holden and Butler. Lidwell, et all wrote that “such personal and positive relationships with a design [or product] evoke feelings of affection, loyalty, and patience..” In my opinion, these feelings are significant factors  in long-term usability and overall success of design.

To demonstrate my point further, may i suggest you go to the app store and download Carrot app and compare it to Apple’s Reminders that comes with the iPhone. Play with the two apps for a bit and compare both. Which will you keep using or keep interacting with? 

My answer: Carrot. I hope your answer’s the same too. If not, it’s moot.

* total no of apps is from: about.com

** The Universal Principles of Design. Lidwell, Holden and Butler. Rockport Publishers, 2003.