Carrot / by Natashia Tjandra


A todo app that keeps you on task with personality and attitude

Features Notifications • Strikes off list • Add list • Re-order list to your preference • Edit your list, whatever you saved and typed.


  • Interactive and entertaining. Carrot “talks” to you. For one of your rewards, it’ll give you a kitten. And it’ll remind you to feed it…..which you have to type in his command space.  
  • Feels like you have a personal assistant or secretary
  • Carrot gives you encouragement and reproves you whenever you deserve it.
  • Carrot also gets angry, when you irritate it. For eg. I poked his ocular sensor a couple of times, just to see how it’ll react. It warned me before it got angry. The screen turns black and its type is red, its speech got snarkier, just like an irritated human.  
  • You are emotionally invested in the app
  • Clean design
  • Intuitive. eg. strikes list off by swiping to the right
  • Small bar at the bottom of Carrot’s command, indicates how far (many tasks need to be completed) you are to the next level.
  • Big clean type


  • Not all of the basic features like editing a task, moving the tasks in order of importance are available from the get go. You have to complete tasks to earn them as rewards.
  • There’s no feature to indicate which task is important or urgent, unless you move them yourself.

Smile factor
If you actually finish doing the things you add to the list, you’ll be rewarded. But if you don’t … things get much more fun if you don’t. Carrot has 2 personalities, he’s quite schizo. The happy Carrot is nurturing and encouraging, and showers you with praise and rewards for completing tasks. The angry Carrot hates you simply because you exist. He’s snarky and sacarstic, and enjoy showering you with insults.

I’m not sure which personality I like more.


The Verdict
I traded Clear and for Carrot. What can i say, how many apps out there reward you with a virtual kitten? Or get mad at you?