Clear / by Natashia Tjandra

Clear is a task-focused app. That is, you create to-do lists around groups of tasks and then check them off as you complete them. 

Features Create new task • Move order of task • Strike task off

•   simple, quick and satisfying to use
•   productivity focused, excludes unnecessary features
•   makes full use of iPhone’s multi-touch gestures. Using swipes and pinches to not just control the screen you’re looking at but not also navigate through the app 
•   gestures are learned naturally and in few seconds. 
•   color is used to indicate the importance of the task. Red being the most important and it gradates to yellow. This is also called “Heat maps.”
•   there is no need to assign priorities to these items. Just drag an item to a new place in the list and Clear automatically assigns a priority color to it.
•   Here’s the full list of gestures. 
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•   no group or sharing of to-do list
•   no date or day specific lists, it’s task based
•   length of words is limited to screen width
•   the signature “Clear” sound (when you clear out a bunch of items you’ve completed) is just quite annoying. It’s good that iPhone has the vibrate mode.
•   Clear doesn’t seem to have any way to automatically move uncompleted tasks from one day to the next to keep them on your radar

Smile Factor
The UX is well thought out, makes full use of all of iPhone’s multi-touch gestures. 

The Verdict
Clear is the perfect combination of well-designed, focused, and effective, for solely task-based list that is. If you prefer to plan tasks for different days, you might want to skip this app. It all boils down to the way you work