Coton / by Natashia Tjandra


The cloud identification guide for sky lovers

Features pictures of clouds • detail information of each cloud  • list of clouds • introduction on how clouds are formed.

•    stunning cloud pictures.
•    several pictures for one genera, species and variety, making      
      identification easier
•    detailed information on each cloud species
•    beautiful graphic and design.
•    simple explanation
•    coton relies on the International Cloud Atlas classification (plus a few
      special clouds!)
•    predict the weather. Information includes corresponding weather
      forecast including chances of rain and storm. 
•    friendly interface

•    no immediate cloud identification or confirmation of a certain cloud
•    someone who isn’t familiar with cloud varieties, needs to remember
      each characteristic of one species, to be able to identify one from the  
•    need to dig through the information
•    not for everyone but cloud enthusiasts, who’d pay $1.99

Smile Factor
•    stunning pictures
•    weather prediction

The Verdict 
I gladly paid $1.99 to have this app. It’s too beautiful and the lure of sitting under the sky, passing time to identify clouds is too tempting to pass. See it for yourself. here’s how it works