DUMBO / by Natashia Tjandra


Search DUMBO retail and restaurants, take a tour, explore the neighborhood like never before. Whether it’s a tech meetup, a new gallery opening, the launch of a new website, or a hackathon. 

This app exists for a multitude of reason. Mostly, however, we wanted to turn the neighborhood inside out and expose the creative work and people of DUMBO as well as the great local businesses and events. We hope that through this app, we can bring greater exposure to everything in DUMBO.

– Tendigi. Dumbo App developer.

Features  News • Community • Events • Current Weather & Forecast • Search Businesses & Restaurants • Check-in to your favorite locations with Foursquare • Take a tour and discover new things


  • Clean and clear visual design
  • Fast and easy access to get information
  • In one glance, you get Weather forecast, Noteworthy news about Dumbo, Events, Hot Spots and a really short introduction of these places. And how far away the featured hotspot is from you.
  • How do we get all that in one page? The app uses simple scroll animation and excellent information hierarchy to accomplish all those.
  • When you swipe up, you get 3 day weather forecast.
  • The tour lists the places you can visit, all categorized.
  • You can skip a certain place if you aren’t interested, and pause the tour or resume it whenever you feel like.
  • It then maps the route from your current location to the next listed place.
  • Events lists all upcoming events neatly. When you click on it, you then get details of the event, including program itinerary for the night.


  • It has its own Twitter, with posts updated everyday. I’m not sure how the Tweets help this app in anyway
  • The tours lists as many 10 things to do, but not a feature where you can find out about the place. I think even a short introduction might help, especially if the name of the place doesn’t give any clues whatsoever.

Smile factor
Truly all in one app that promotes DUMBO. It’s got weather forecast, details, events and tours complete with mapping feature.

The Verdict
Although i like this app a lot, I can’t get past the fact that it has no personality and very factual. Perhaps it’s just my own subjective view.