Flipboard / by Natashia Tjandra



The social magazine app. It aggregates popular websites and links found within your social circle (Facebook or Twitter), then displays the information in a clean and beautiful magazine format on your mobile device.


Features Cover Stories • Topics • Profile • Search • Twitter • Facebook • Add

•    Great user interface - very intuitive and easy to use
•    The first page visually lists the contents, which are divided into specific
      topics. These are updated every time you launch the app.
•    Users “flip” through the pages like a magazine and tap the title of a
      story to read. For iPad - swipe your finger across the screen from right
      to left to “flip” through the pages, and left to right to go back. iPhone -
      swipe upwards to “flip” and downward to “flip” backward.
•    Access, read  and share all of your top favorite websites, magazines,
      twitter names, etc, from one single app. 
•    Cover stories - uses reader interactions (trending tweets and shares)
      to deliver a curated list of top stories
•    Topics - choose stories from your Facebook & Twitter feeds, Flipboard
      picks, news, teach, lifestyle, photos and etc
•    Profile - manage your settings of profile, the topics and types of sited
     and stories to be displayed on your Flipboard.
•    Search & browse through the topics, keywords, websites, social media
•    Send tweets directly, without leaving the app
•    'Like,' re-post and share Facebook feeds directly through the app
•    Suggested post and link, through their own nicely designed share and
      re-post and like interface.
•    Add a website, feed or magazine, with a touch of a button (+), through
      the search function.
•    Free

•    There’s a limit to the number of links and feeds displayed
•    These topics are automatically updated every time you launch the app,
      causing a delay while updating.

Smile Factor
•    Flipping it like a magazine - left to right and vice versa or upwards and
•    Unique and customized aggregator app
•    Sharing and tweeting without leaving the app