iGNANT / by Natashia Tjandra


An interdisciplinary “blog” displaying the latest developments in design, art, photography and architecture.

Features • Stories • Interviews • Picture sequences • 12 categories • Favorites

•    Beautiful design
•    Easy to use interface
•    Unique news stories
•    Inspiring interviews
•    Stunning pictures
•    Mozaic mode
•    Never ending scroll
•    ”Like” function
•    Share stories on Facebook and Twitter without leaving the app
•    You can access iGNANT’s Instagram stream within the app
•    Suggested random articles are displayed at the end of a story you just     
      read. It’s labelled “Archive”
•    Categories: Photography, Art, Design, iGNANTravel, Work in Progress,
      Architecture, Daily Basics, Aicuisine, Monifaktur, iGNAN.TV, Video,

•    Not available for iPad, stunning pictures can only be viewed on the
      small iPhone and iPod screens. 
•    No zoom function on these stunning photos. I would love to zoom in
      and admire the details
•    Favorites function is hidden. I have to tap the “more” button, and i’ll be
      able to access my favorites.
•    Suggested articles are labelled under “Archive,” might be too
•    Size of text, might be a little bit small. It was a pain to read an article
      for a long time. No option to change the size of the text.

Smile Factor
•    Never ending scroll
•    Sharing an article, without leaving the app

The Verdict
Don’t see why I’d use the app, as the web blog, when accessed from safari (from the iPhone), displays bigger pictures and bigger text.

the iGNANT blog