iMadeFace / by Natashia Tjandra


iMadeFace is a new iOS app from Keyloft. It shot to the top of the iTunes charts recently. As the name implies, it’s a tool for creating faces. It allows users to create stylized pop art-inspired male or female faces that are particularly suitable for use as avatars on social networks.

Features Numerous facial features and skin colors to choose from. • Add text to your creation. • Share • Purchase packs of additional facial features. • Gallery.

•   Thoughtfully designed UI. Very clear and simple user interface. Information hierarchy is very clear. For eg. Launch page: 3 bars with choices, situated at the center of the screen. Boy, girl. Store. Gallery.
twitter & etc are real small at the bottom.
•   Fingers gestures are incorporated well. Uses only 1 gesture, either swipe/flick right to left and up down to choose hairstyles and colors and etc.
•   If you don’t want to keep swiping, you can use the arrows below.
•   Shake device to generate random faces
•   1 press of a button to save to Camera Roll in JPEG or editable format in the build-in gallery
•   Share versions, to compare with friends or get comments, via Facebook, twitter,etc, with 1 press of a button.
•   In-app tips that pops up when u use the app for the very first time and is accessible with the (i) button.
•   Special ornaments can be added to facial expression
•   Maybe integrate with a collage app, noticed that people like put their iMadeFace version with photo of themselves
•   function to edit a version that’s saved in gallery, isn’t clear. I found it out by chance, reviewing my versions.
•   limited skin color + face shapes + can’t change eye color (solved with the recent update)

Smile factor

making my alter ego/expressing artistic self with least possible effort.

The Verdict
I like it for now, but I’d imagine I’ll get bored soon. There isn’t a sustaining interest or interaction with friends within the app. Having said that, it looks set to continue expanding with new options so long as users keep supporting it. The new update, over 60 additional facial elements and hair styles are added. Also, iMadeface now lets you change the pupil color.