Observations @ Apple Store and Subway / by Natashia Tjandra


Picture credit: npr.org

Behaviors and Interactions with touch devices

Most people visit the Apple Store to 
1. charge their devices
2. exchange Information on the latest apps & the most useful from the  
    apple store clerks.
3. check their email or Facebook feed

While waiting for their devices to complete charging, they’ll either play with the device displayed or their own. 

The most launched app in the store is Facebook. Adults and teenagers surf the internet or check their emails, via safari. Sometimes they’ll play games.

Children, on the other hand, play many games on the device.

When the promo slide show begins, they tap the screen or push the home button. Controlling the exploration on the device is preferable. 

People use the Home button to escape or go back, to launch another app. Not many knew that you can tap on the upper left corner on the device to go back, where the “back” function is always placed.

iPad Mini
• compare weight with iPad 2
• compare picture quality with iPad 2
• alternating between to portrait or landscape view, depending on what’s
   on the screen. Video - landscape. Portrait - almost everything else

iPhone 5
• Try taking picture - back and front camera
• Alternating between to portrait or landscape view, depending on what’s
   on the screen. When viewing a video - landscape. Portrait - almost
   everything else
• Same number of male and females picking up white or black color

• Thumbs - to scroll and swipe on phones mostly
• Tap (index finger) - usually to press or select a control or link (single click 
   in a desktop)
• Double tap - to zoom in or out of content or an image, select a word to 
   drag the select function, or the top of the device to automatically go    
   back to the top of the page
• Drag - to select a sentence of paragraph
• Touch and hold - to display an information bubble, magnify content
   under the finger, or to perform specifications in built-in applications and
   features. To touch and hold, users touch the screen, leaving their finger
   motionless until the information is displayed or the action occurs.
• Scroll, flick and swipe (index finger) - to move content or page
• Not many people do the pinching to zoom
• Use two hands to hold iPad 2 and iPad Mini 
• Use two hands to hold iPhone too, specially in subway when sitting
• Use one hand to hold iPhone and iPad Mini while standing, while the
   other hand is holding on the bar. They’ll either use their thumb or let go
   of the bar and use their index finger, to tap, swipe & etc.   

I overheard a conversation between an African American couple, deciding between getting an iPad 2 or iPad Mini for the husband. He’s set on an iPad 2, she likes the iPad Mini. He says that his friends will laugh at him if he carries an iPad Mini. The wife likes the Mini as it’s small and light. She went as far as putting the iPad Mini, in her husband’s jacket inner pocket to prove her point. It’s interesting that something small is associated with being feminine.